White smoke rises in Malta’s capital Valletta.

White smoke rises in Malta’s capital Valletta.

In the largest detention facility in the US state of Delaware, several inmates hold other inmates and prison guards under their control. With the hostage-taking they want to defend themselves against what they consider to be unworthy detention conditions. The favorites in the US primary campaign continue to win – Trump wins five east coast states, Clinton four. Both can now hardly be caught up and are already calling for the end of the primary campaign.

What does that mean now? By Volker Petersen, New York Next stage in the US presidential race: Vote for five New England states. However, no surprises are to be expected. This is especially bad for two men: Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

By Christian Rothenberg There have been repeated fatal attacks by police officers in the USA in recent months. Another particularly hair-raising case of police violence is now known. After a collision with a freighter, a tourist boat with 37 people on board sinks within a very short time. 35 people can be rescued from the Delaware River. However, two passengers are still missing hours after the accident.

Bayer wants to legally stop the introduction of a copycat product of its Yaz contraceptive pill by competitor Teva in the United States. The pharmaceutical and chemical company has already filed a lawsuit with the competent court in the US state of Delaware. Barack Obama has appointed Joseph Biden as his deputy. The 65-year-old Senator from Delaware should primarily strengthen Obama in the security and foreign policy field.

The US credit crunch has left another victim. Mortgage financier HomeBanc filed an application for bankruptcy protection under Chapter eleven of US bankruptcy law in a court in Delaware late this week. American Home Mortgage Investment, a mortgage financer suffering from the crisis in the US real estate market, is broke. The company filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter eleven of the US bankruptcy law in a Delaware court.

US mortgage financier New Century Financial filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware on Monday. So he can continue to work under creditor protection. It is the most serious collapse in the industry to date in the wake of the current US real estate crisis. According to official information, the avian flu that occurred in the US state of Delaware is not identical to the dangerous form of the disease that is currently rampant in Asia. It is also not transferable to humans.

The trial of Kirk Kerkorian against DaimlerChrysler continues in the Wilmington District Court in Delaware. On Wednesday, CEO Jürgen Schrempp is on trial for the second day in a row and gives information about his view of the merger between the two car manufacturers in 1998. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Jeroen Dijsselbloem Actually should the decision has long been made, but the member states of the European Union cannot initially commit themselves.custom biology essay writing service

In the end, the EU countries speak out in favor of the World Bank managing director Kristalina Georgiewa. She is to replace Christine Lagarde as IMF President. He is no stranger to the world of finance: Dijsselbloem was the Dutch finance minister and head of the Eurogroup. Now he is apparently supposed to become head of the IMF and thus redeem a “” European claim “” for this post.

According to a report, the idea is finding friends. At the European Central Bank (ECB) the course is being set for a realignment. A first decision has been made. The euro finance ministers support Spain’s economic minister de Guindos as future ECB deputy. The Portuguese Finance Minister Mário Centeno will head the Eurogroup.

The socialist prevails in the election – and succeeds Jeroen Dijsselbloem in January. According to media reports, Centeno is also the preferred German candidate. On Monday, the Dutchman Dijsselbloem will chair the Eurogroup meeting for the last time. When looking for a successor, a favorite emerges. Allegedly, Germany also supports him.

However, the federal government denies this. Luxembourg is the international culmination of Wolfgang Schäuble’s work as Federal Finance Minister. He receives praise from his colleagues. Schäuble himself takes a look at the European future. White smoke rises in Malta’s capital Valletta.

The international donors agree on further reforms with Greece. So the testing institutions will return to Athens. The IMF is still committed. What do southern Europeans spend their money on? With a more than questionable assessment, Eurogroup boss Dijsselbloem triggered outraged reactions.

Cross-party doubts about its suitability are growing. He has so far refused an apology. He led the Eurogroup through difficult times: Jeroen Dijsselbloem. But after the heavy defeat of his party in the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, the body will soon have to look for a replacement.

The possible exit of the International Monetary Fund from aid to Greece unsettles bond investors. The risk of default increases – with it the yields on Greek government bonds. Eurogroup leader Dijsselbloem announced that he had received a letter from Greece that clarified a few things in the dispute with Athens. As a result, there will likely be debt relief soon. In order to save Greece from national bankruptcy, the euro finance ministers released another billion-euro loan.

But it’s smaller than expected. Despite his party’s defeat in the Dutch parliamentary elections, Jeroen Dijsselbloem wants to remain chairman of the eurozone finance ministers. Eurogroup boss Jeroen Dijsselbloem has spoken out against hard upper limits for increasing capital requirements in the struggle to reform the global regulatory framework for banks.

A new financial crisis has been smoldering in Europe since Brexit: Italy’s financial sector is threatened with collapse. This time it is not gamblers who are to blame, but politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Rome. You are about to trigger the crash yourself. By Hannes Vogel Weißer Rauch after a long hangover: Greece will get fresh money again next week.

The signals from the International Monetary Fund are also positive. On the other hand, the euro finance ministers are concerned about a possible Brexit. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the topic of Dhaka Flames and thick smoke pound out of a multi-story skyscraper in the capital of Bangladesh.

Numerous people are trapped in the fire. Several are trying desperately to get out of the building. Some jump.

Flames pounding up on house walls and people bringing themselves to safety: In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, a multi-storey building is burning, hundreds of helpers are on duty. Nevertheless, at least 69 people died and dozens more were injured. Melbourne tops the list of the world’s most livable cities for seven years. But now the Australian metropolis has to give up the top spot in the “” Economist “” ranking. The title goes to Europe.

A tremendous clap of thunder shakes the metropolis of Dhaka: In a textile factory in Bangladesh, a steam boiler can no longer withstand the pressure. The roof and outer walls of the company, which also produces for Aldi, collapse. Child labor is still widespread in Bangladesh. In the slums of the capital Dhaka, almost every second child at the age of 14 works, many of them in textile factories – and thus potentially also for Western customers.

What happens when heavy rain floods the streets and the traditional Islamic festival of sacrifice collide? Then Dhaka’s streets turn into a red river. The reason is the large amount of blood that has gone into making offerings. At the beginning of July, the “” Holey Artisan Bakery “” café in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka was attacked by Islamists.

There are dead and hostages are being taken. Now the police are storming the perpetrators’ hiding place in a suburb of Dhaka. They chop their victims to death before being killed in a hail of police bullets.

After the bloody act of an Islamist terrorist squad, fear of a spiral of violence is growing in Bangladesh. The government warns. Explosions and firefights rock the capital of Bangladesh: several attackers storm a popular restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of Dhakas and take hostages. The police cordon off a large area – then access takes place.

Many people die. There are unusually strong storms in Bangladesh. In the capital Dhaka, students are playing on a soccer field when they are struck by lightning. Two of them are killed and there are also deaths in other parts of the country. Train driver Ali thinks no harm when he leaves his train at Dhaka.

His helper should prepare the upcoming trip. The fact that he loses control in the process causes them both a lot of trouble. In Bangladesh, an outbreak of religious intolerance shook the public: a professed free spirit fell victim to a brutal murder attempt. His wife cannot stop the perpetrators. She loses a finger in the attack. “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of Herbert Diess Rumors have been around for a long time: Volkswagen wants to spin off its Italian luxury brands Lamborghini and Ducati in order to make them chic for the stock market. So far, such plans have failed because of the works council and the owners. Now VW boss Diess is making a new attempt. He desperately needs money.

Even if some don’t like it – the fact is: Elon Musk is becoming an integral part of the German auto industry thanks to his gigafactory in Grünheide. His reception at the industry regulars’ table should be frosty. Because the market for e-vehicles is small – too small for everyone.

By Helmut Becker Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess warns of major job cuts in the auto industry if the EU Commission tightened the CO2 guidelines. The faster change in the industry can only succeed if politics creates the right framework. The first models of the ID.3 are late, but they are here. There is a lot of criticism of the new electric car, but there are also optimistic voices: At the end of the year, Volkswagen could be market leader in Europe for electric vehicles and in two years’ time it could have overtaken Tesla worldwide. By Diana Dittmer The VW subsidiary Skoda gets a new boss.

This is the previous person responsible for the VW business in South Africa. Group boss Diess has already announced what the new man should pay particular attention to. Less than two weeks ago, Christian Senger officially took over the chief position at Car.Software.Org. Behind the awkward name is one of the central future projects of VW boss Herbert Diess.

He is currently shaking up the leadership of several Volkswagen units. The revolt of the powerful works council boss against the VW boss Herbert Diess throws the world’s largest carmaker back in the important future developments – once again. The group has a fundamental problem with its organizational structure. A guest contribution by Ferdinand Dudenhöffer Herbert Diess is surprisingly from the management of the VW top brands. Before that, there seem to be major conflicts between him and the supervisory board.

The Volkswagen boss is now getting the backing of the majority shareholders – combined with an appeal. Officially, it is said that Volkswagen boss Diess should be given more freedom to run the car company. In fact, his dismissal as VW brand boss was preceded by an extraordinarily heated dispute between the CEO and the supervisory board. In the greatest crisis of all times, Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess had to give up the management of the core brand.

The overpowering works council has put the committed car manager in the cold. There is a system in Wolfsburg. A comment by Ulrich Reitz The brand boss is changing at Volkswagen: Herbert Diess, who was recently criticized for technical problems, is giving up this post. The previous co-managing director will now take over the task. The reasoning leaves questions unanswered.

The group and supervisory board heads of VW are said to have informed shareholders too late about the extent of the emissions scandal and thus committed market manipulation. The proceedings will now be discontinued after six months. Diess and Pötsch each pay 4.5 million euros for this.

In 2009, the scrapping bonus helped the auto industry through the financial crisis. Now there are renewed calls for government support for the industry. VW boss Diess speaks out in favor of a car “economic stimulus program”.

The success of Elon Musk’s e-car manufacturer is troubling VW boss Diess. “” Headache “” causes him above all the superior software competence of Tesla. But the manager has a plan for how to catch up. VW recently published its forecast for the current year. But the corona virus throws the group through the bill: At most locations, the last shift will run for the time being this Friday.

The Volkswagen Group and its boss Diess have to deal with the structural change in the automotive industry. The powerful Porsche and Piech families strengthen Diess’ position. But they also see politics as an obligation. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on Laura Dahlmeier Only four years ago Denise Herrmann switched from cross-country skiing to biathlon. Now she is the successor of high-flyer Laura Dahlmeier and is the new front woman of the German team.

In order to catch up with the pent-up demand in shooting, she practices in a very special way. By Anja Rau Laura Dahlmeier only finished fourth in her last biathlon race at Schalke – but she was celebrated like a winner by the audience. This time two Norwegians triumph at the World Team Challenge in Gelsenkirchen. At the age of just 25, Laura Dahlmeier surprisingly announced the end of her great career in biathlon. Now is her very last race: The Bavarian starts at the spectacle in the football stadium on Schalke.

She has to rely on her experience, especially at the shooting range. Twelfth place in a relay race, a German biathlon quartet has never been so bad in the World Cup. Consolation is needed – and that is what double Olympic champion Laura Dahlmeier delivers to her former colleagues.

It is reminiscent of the 2017 World Cup in Hochfilzen. Double Olympic and multi-world champion Laura Dahlmeier finished with biathlon, but not with the hunt for world championship medals. After the end of her career, the 26-year-old is now changing her sport – and will soon be involved in the mountain running world championships.