The MPs received files in stacks – sometimes also secret or often blackened files.

The MPs received files in stacks – sometimes also secret or often blackened files.

It is still unclear whether the NSA committee of inquiry will invite Snowden. Before that, a delicate legal issue has to be clarified, which could lead to considerable foreign policy resentment: According to the decision, the Federal Government must now decide whether it is legally obliged to extradite Snowden to the US authorities or whether it can assure the whistleblower that not to extradite him to the USA if he or she enters Germany. With their application to the BGH, the opposition politicians had worked towards such a “” definitive clarification in the sense of a binding statement from the federal government “” Committee accused of wanting to prevent the hearing of Snowden in the committee. In May 2014, the NSA investigative committee had decided in principle to question Snowden, who was living in exile in Russia, as a witness, although the location of the questioning was left open. Von Notz now stated that the BGH decision was “” extremely pleasing in its clarity “” . The investigating judge made it unmistakably clear that the previous approach of the majority of the committee, which had tried to protect the federal government and prevent a possibly unpleasant testimony of Snowden before the committee, has finally failed. The Green politician wants the question of Put the hearing of Snowden witnesses back on the agenda of the committee of inquiry this week and bring about a corresponding resolution.

The federal government must then act immediately and allow the key witness to be questioned before the investigative committee, said von Notz. With the investigative committee set up in March 2014, the Bundestag had reacted to the revelations of the former secret service employee about the massive spying programs of the US secret service NSA. The aim is to clarify the extent to which citizens and politicians in Germany were spied on by the NSA and allied secret services – and whether German government agencies or secret services knew about the spying operations and were involved in them. As a former secret service employee and critic of the NSA methods, Snowden is a key witness to the Could provide parliamentarians with valuable information in dealing with the scandal and assessing the technical connections. Source:, mmo / AFP “Beate Zschäpe (left) with her defense lawyer Mathias Grasel. (Photo: dpa) The prosecutors see Beate Zschäpe continues to be one of the masterminds of the NSU murders. For attempted murder and complicity, she faces life imprisonment – and subsequent preventive detention to protect the general public from her. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office in the NSU trial is holding on to the accusation that the main defendant Beate Zschäpe is arrested was an accomplice in all crimes of the terrorist organization Prerequisites for preventive detention exist, said senior public prosecutor Anette Greger before the Munich Higher Regional Court.

The specific punitive claims for the defendants are still pending. Greger explained that without Zschäpe’s contribution, her accomplices Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt would not have been able to specifically murder immigrants, carry out bomb attacks or rob banks, according to Greger. The accused shared the right-wing extremist goals of the NSU (“” National Socialist Underground “”). These were intended to intimidate the population in a significant way and to damage the Federal Republic of Germany as a state.

Zschäpe had shown the will to “” rule “”, even if she was not present at the crime scenes. She “” formed a third of a conspiratorial triumvirate, “said Greger. In addition, the 42-year-old was guilty of attempted murder when she set fire to the NSU trio’s escape apartment in Zwickau on November 4, to write an argumentative essay ap lang You have accepted the death of two craftsmen and their elderly neighbor.

The arson is no longer considered a group act by the NSU because the NSU ceased to exist on the same day after Mundlos’ and Böhnhardt’s suicide. For the alleged gun procurers Ralf Wohlleben and Carsten S., Chief Public Prosecutor Jochen Weingarten reiterated the charge of aiding and abetting the nine-fold murder . Wohlleben and S. are said to have procured the Ceska type pistol, which Mundlos and Böhnhardt used in the nine racially motivated murders of Turkish and Greek-born tradespeople. Weingarten aided and closed the alleged terrorist helper André E. extortion by robbery in two cases as well as aiding and abetting attempted murder and causing a serious explosive explosion. E. had rented mobile homes for the NSU terrorists, with which they drove to two robberies and to the bomb attack on an Iranian family’s business in Cologne. The fifth defendant, Holger G., was guilty of supporting a terrorist organization in three cases done, said Weingarten. G. organized a driver’s license, a passport and two health insurance cards for the trio. One of the cards was intended for Zschäpe, which she also used for two visits to the dentist. “” That also served the association “”, so the NSU, said Weingarten. However, the federal prosecutor’s office does not want to impose penalties for the accused until the end of their pleading.

After the trial day has ended on Friday, the applications can now be submitted at the earliest on the first day of the trial after the court’s summer vacation on September 12th. Zschäpe faces life imprisonment.

The other defendants face several years in prison. Source:, mba / dpa “In addition to other high-ranking politicians, Chancellor Angela Merkel testified before the investigative committee. (Photo: picture alliance / Kay Nietfeld /) Today, Wednesday, the NSA Committee of Inquiry presented its final report. Even after more than three years of educational work, key points remain unresolved. Here is an overview of the most important questions and answers. Four years ago, Edward Snowden started a gigantic scandal. The former NSA employee made the global one together with British journalists Surveillance actions by the US secret service were made public, which even bugged the Chancellor’s cell phone.

The outcry after the revelations was great. Chancellor Merkel also scolded: “” Spying on friends is not an option “. But what happened to this outrage? The parliamentary committee of inquiry began its work the following year. As part of this work, the NSA affair developed into a full-blown BND affair, which is widely regarded as the greatest intelligence scandal of the past decades. What was achieved and what was not? What was the NSA committee about? The committee wanted to clarify whether and how intelligence services from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand spied German data.

The parliamentarians were also interested in whether US agencies controlled targeted killings through drone operations from Germany. It should also be clarified what the Federal Government and German intelligence services knew about the spying activities and how closely they are working with their foreign partners. The consequences should also be discussed so that the data of German companies, citizens and government agencies are better protected from spying. What did the work look like? The MPs received files in stacks – sometimes also secret or often blackened files. They analyzed the technical, legal and political background to the millions of times that data was extracted.

For hours – often until midnight – the committee heard high-ranking politicians – including Chancellor Angela Merkel, the former Chancellery Heads Ronald Pofalla and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, but also NSA dropouts and numerous BND employees. For Greens veteran Hans-Christian Ströbele, who is now leaving the Bundestag, it was the fifth committee of inquiry. The NSA committee was the most strenuous, “” but it was also one of the most profitable, “” says the 78-year-old. What has the committee achieved? “” No committee or control body has dealt with it as intensively as electronic Communication monitoring in the 21st

Century works “”, says the SPD representative of the body, Christian Flisek. The MPs found scandalous things that they had not even looked for: the BND has also been spying on data from friendly states and companies using search terms (selectors) for years. These include e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or IP addresses. The BND did this not only for the NSA. Ströbele said he fell from the clouds when he read about the BND practices.

The representatives of the Chancellery – the supervisory authority over the BND – repeatedly claimed in the interrogations that they had not been informed about the spying. What did the body not achieve? Many questions remain unanswered – especially about the NSA. “” We didn’t really make any progress in this area, “says Flisek. “” We don’t know at all what the NSA spied on, either alone or with the help of German data coming from the USA, “” said Ströbele. Several attempts by the opposition to bring Edward Snowden, perhaps the most important witness to Germany, failed. Representatives of large IT companies, such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or Apple boss Tim Cook, also declined to make a statement in Berlin. Does the committee have any concrete consequences? Yes. In 2016, for example, the coalition gave the Federal Intelligence Service stricter rules by law.

An external panel of judges is to review the espionage selectors used by the BND. The opposition criticized the reform as legitimizing mass surveillance. But other sore points remain.

In the opinion of the SPD, for example, the committee uncovered weaknesses in counter-espionage. “” There is still an incredible amount of room for improvement at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, “” says Flisek. Why is there now more trouble? The left and the Greens presented a more than 400-page special vote. You see massive violations of the law and obstruction of committee work by the government. Such special votes are nothing unusual.

But the opposition accuses the coalition of not treating its writing properly, classifying it as largely secret and finally removing its representatives as rapporteurs. The counter-argument of the coalition: The opposition missed all the agreed deadlines for the special vote and are fully committed to scandalizing the election campaign. Source:, Jenny Tobien and Basil Wegener, dpa “It is still unclear: What role did the Kremlin play in the US election campaign (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) To what extent did Russia get involved in the US election campaign? There will soon be a public hearing in the secret service committee for the first time in the US.

The heads of the FBI and NSA are also invited. The secret service committee of the US House of Representatives wants to hold a public hearing for the first time on possible Russian interference in the US presidential election. It will take place on March 20, US media reported, citing the chairman of the committee, Republican Devin Nunes, according to which, among others, the heads of the FBI and the NSA, James Comey and Michael Rogers, as well as the former Intelligence Director James Clapper called as a witness. According to the information, however, you were not summoned, so you are not required to testify.

The committee’s senior Democrat, Adam Schiff, wrote on Twitter that Comey failed to answer many questions at a closed session, and Nunes said the committee would also investigate US President Donald Trump’s allegations that his predecessor Barack Obama had him listen to, examine. However, so far there is no evidence to support the allegations and it is still unclear whether the public hearing could also address the issue. According to a statement by the committee, the investigation includes, among other things, Russian cyber activities and links between Russia and members of US election campaigns, as well as possible leaks of classified information. US intelligence services blame Russia for a number of hacking attacks on Democrats’ email accounts during the election campaign . According to media reports, members of Trump’s team were repeatedly in contact with Russian secret service employees during the election campaign. Source:, ghö / dpa “The BND allegedly listened to the White House in Washington. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Chancellor Merkel reacted indignantly when it became known that US intelligence agencies had also tapped her cell phone.

The game is apparently also operated the other way round. The BND is said to have perked up its ears in Washington. According to a report, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has spied out targets in the United States for years and has not stopped at the White House. According to its own admission, the “Spiegel” was able to inspect documents according to which between 1998 and 2006 almost 4,000 search terms were directed to American destinations. The BND did not want to comment when asked. According to the report, the documents show that the BND had tapped connections in the US Treasury Department, the US State Department and the White House. He also accessed telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses of American companies such as Lockheed Martin, the space agency Nasa, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch and universities aroused the interest of the foreign intelligence service.

The US military and military intelligence ultimately aroused the interest of the BND. In Washington, the BND also tapped information from embassies and institutions. BND President Bruno Kahl only told the magazine that the question of “” whom the BND may and may not clarify will in future not only be a more stringent approval process, but also a question of how “” subject to very ambitious controls. In the final report of the NSA investigation committee of the Bundestag, practice is said to play almost no role. Source:, jwu “Three and a half years of work lie behind the MPs. (Photo: picture alliance / Kay Nietfeld /) Three and a half years have been employed Committee of inquiry with the espionage of NSA and BND.