Source: imago images / Mary Evans

Source: imago images / Mary Evans

Also a steep thesis: "But at night one dreams in the Berlin administrative district, in Downing Street No. 10 and in the Élysée Palace, the Chinese dream in which the people appear as a mass that does not belong, only has to be kneaded."

The picture from "Black swan" does not fit

Or: "Our state is no longer the same after Corona. He has empowered himself. He wants to feel himself. He wants to be the master of the house. The state of emergency is his new elixir of life. ”So Steingart also seems to be of the opinion that "the State" uses the pandemic to enslave us? A savior is needed, because: "There is no spiritual resistance in Germany." A savior like Gabor.

Now comes in: the "Black swan". Who? Yes the "Black swan"!

"Corona is the black swan for large parts of the German economy. It circles over the ThyssenKrupp blast furnace. He flies over the lignite mining areas, the TUI travel agencies and the VW headquarters in Wolfsburg, to land on the production facilities where the combustion engine has been manufactured for a hundred years. The heraldic animal of the impending disaster also nests on the battlements of old power in Frankfurt’s banking district."

I have two comments – one relates to our wildlife, the other to the world of chance research.

No pig, uh swan, my friend, nests on the roofs of the Frankfurt banking district. Or on any roof at all. No one. No white and no black. Their habitat are lakes, rivers and swamps. Swans also never circle over a ThyssenKrupp blast furnace and never land on VW production facilities. Swans only fly when they have to, and here they don’t have to do that very often. They always take off and land on the water and not on production facilities. Anyone who has seen this before knows how spectacular it is. Swans are really big and really heavy. My friend.

Georg Streiter worked for a long time as a journalist – including for the Express, the Hamburger Morgenpost, the Stern and the Bild newspaper – before he became deputy spokesman for the federal government in 2011. In 2018 he resigned from this office. 

The picture from "Black swan" Gabor Steingart probably stole it from Nassim Nicolas Taleb, professor of risk analysis at the University of New York, sorry: borrowed it. The term refers to completely unpredictable events as "Black Swan" (because black swans are very, very, very rare). Taleb has the term "Black Swan" For the first time in his book in 2001 "Fooled by randomness" mentioned, referred to unexpected events that affect the financial world. In 2007 he published another book called "The Black Swan".

WOW! – and again WOW!

If the great journalist Gabor Steingart worked less as a word cannon and more like a journalist, then he would have it "The New Zurich Times" from March 23rd of this year. There Nassim Taleb, the inventor of the black swan, wrote the following in a joint article with US investor Marc Spitznagel: "Some refer to the pandemic, which has now triggered the adoption of the aid package for the aviation industry, as a ‘black swan’ – a completely unexpected event for which it is excusable to be unprepared. They are alluding to the book ‘The Black Swan’ that one of us wrote. If you had really read the book, you would know that a global pandemic would clearly figure there as a white swan – an event that is certain to occur at some point."

This research went somehow stupid. Or, as I suspect, never happened. My friend.

How Gabor Steingart shifts his platitudes back and forth is also noticeable in the following hammer sentence: "Democracy begins when others want you to remain silent."


On closer inspection, of course, that’s complete bullshit.6th grade argumentative essay reading passages Democracy begins when anti-corona demonstrators include ZDF reporter Dunja Hayali or the "picture"-Circle reporter Angelique Geray and yell down to keep them silent? I do not think so. It ends there sooner.

But my friend Gabor certainly didn’t mean it that way. That is only a meaning of pretending text module. His promotional video for his media portal "The Pioneer" from May 2019 begins with the equally fateful words:

"Journalism begins when others want you to remain silent."


Video shows call from the stage: alternative practitioner sparked a riot After a scandal at the Reichstag: ‘You are among us. They stay among us’ Berlin: Large demonstration against corona policy

Sometimes I too would wish that you were silent, my friend. Maybe you can try journalism again. Or you just keep swearing, but then please stop calling yourself a journalist. But maybe just "Alphabet soup cook" or "Self-promoter ”.

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Despite a court decision, the dispute over Andreas Kalbitz’s membership in the AfD still seems to have not been resolved. Now the case is to be negotiated again. 

The urgent motion of Andreas Kalbitz, member of the Brandenburg state parliament, against the cancellation of his membership in the AfD is to be negotiated on August 21 in the Berlin regional court. The court announced on Wednesday. Kalbitz has applied for temporary legal protection and thus wants to ensure that he can continue to retain all rights as a party member.

The parliamentary group chairmanship in the Brandenburg state parliament is currently suspended

The Brandenburg state parliamentary group had unanimously decided on Tuesday that Kalbitz would leave his office as group chairman pending a first decision by the Berlin regional court. Kalbitz himself suggested that. The parliamentary group was at least temporarily complying with a request made by the AfD federal chief Jörg Meuthen.

Meuthen had declared that Kalbitz could not remain chairman of the parliamentary group after his party membership was withdrawn. He is calm about the court date, Meuthen told the magazine "Cicero". He does not believe that the civil court will judge differently than the federal arbitration tribunal of his party.

Membership in the party had been declared null and void

The AfD federal board had declared Kalbitz’s membership null and void in May with a narrow majority. As a reason for the decision, the board stated that Kalbitz had an earlier membership in the now banned right-wing extremist when he joined the party in 2013 "Home loyal German youth" (HDJ) and among Republicans between late 1993 and early 1994. The AfD Federal Arbitration Court confirmed this decision at the end of July. In addition to Thuringia’s regional chief Björn Höcke, Kalbitz is considered to be the most important representative of the right-wing national tendency in the party. Both politicians have been proven "Right-wing extremists"said the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, last March.

The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group, Alexander Gauland, welcomed the decision of the parliamentary group in Potsdam. "I think it’s a success for Andreas Kalbitz because the proposal he made was unanimously accepted"he told the German Press Agency.

Gauland: "Is about certain political interests"

Gauland, who is the honorary chairman of the AfD, had questioned the independence of the federal arbitration court after the judgment on Kalbitz. He made it clear that he was in the case "judge solely according to the decisions and judgments of the ordinary courts" will. "Because the Federal Arbitration Court is obviously concerned with certain political interests, which, however, must have no place here"he said in an interview. The referees and several AfD state chairmen reacted indignantly to his statement.

After expulsion from AfD: Kalbitz lets parliamentary group chairman rest Candidate for Bundestag: Kevin Kühnert gives up Juso chairmanship prematurely After internal review: Report: AfD dismisses press spokesman Christian Lüth

Gauland was defending himself now. He said: "The judgment of an arbitration tribunal can be criticized publicly". After all, several leading AfD politicians had criticized the decision of the AfD regional arbitration court in Schleswig-Holstein not to exclude Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein from the party last year. Hardly anyone was bothered by that at the time.

Sources used: dpa news agency

You are with "NSU 2.0" signed and cause fear among the recipients: Politicians and celebrities are currently receiving right-wing threatening emails again and again. A criminologist now warns against imitators.

According to experts, the series of right-wing extremist threatening emails and the great attention paid to them can easily call for copycat criminals. "The whole situation is such that a number of free riders might feel motivated to jump on the bandwagon"said Britta Bannenberg, criminologist at the University of Giessen, the German press agency.

NSU 2.0: Why do neo-Nazis hate these women?

The topic is very topical and is going through the media nationwide, the question of the perpetrator has not been clarified, and those responsible in politics and the police have come under pressure. These are all circumstances that some people can at least motivate to imitate.

Enjoy it in "Staying under cover and causing trouble"  

Such free riders did not want to be discovered, but they wanted media attention, explained the professor. "You want to get involved in a virulent, media-relevant campaign. Some of them may have personal motives for aggression, but most of all they enjoy staying under cover and still spreading unrest." The implementation of threats, for example, is not the goal in such cases, but rather to create fear, horror and unrest. That is enough as a satisfaction.

The series of right-wing threats to politicians and other public figures has been filling the headlines for days. According to Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), the Hessian State Criminal Police Office now has information on 69 threatening letters nationwide with the abbreviation "NSU 2.0" (NSU for "National Socialist Underground") were sent.

Who is it? 

According to Beuth, the letters were almost always sent from an identical sender address. In three cases, personal data should have been requested from the recipients on Hessian police computers beforehand. Who is behind this is open, as is the question of possible free riders.

In eight federal states: Hesse’s interior minister confirms 69 threatening letters right-wing extremist threatening letters: NSU 2.0 – Why do neo-Nazis hate these women? Trial of terrorist attack: Balliet continues to rush – judge threatens to be expelled

Generally it is clear: "Free riders make any criminal investigation difficult", says criminologist Bannenberg. "Because you first have to take these cases seriously." The responsible public prosecutor in Frankfurt has so far hardly given any details about the investigation into the Drohmail affair, but recently spoke of one "dynamic events".

Sources used: dpa news agency 

The pop icon Cher drew a lot of looks in London with a special styling. With a beret, jacket and mask, she presented an unusual undercover look that is reminiscent of a Disney villain.

Born in 1946: These celebrities are the same age
Photo series with 15 pictures

Singer and actress Cher becomes a stylish inspiration for the winter: when leaving her hotel in London, she opted for a special look in black and white. To a white jacket with wide sleeves, which got an asymmetrical line with a black cape wrap on one side, she combined a beret made of leather, which reflected the black and white look of the jacket. The black and white look was interrupted by the dark blue jeans, but that didn’t bother Cher. 

Cher in undercover style 

Cher: She was walking around London in this look. (Source: imago images / Matrix)

In any case, she kept her mouth and nose protection in black to match the upper part of her outfit. Cher completed her street style with loose-fitting jeans and black boots with heels. She also followed an important rule in the current make-up world: she used dark eyeshadow and black mascara to emphasize her eyes, which come into focus when wearing a face mask.

Cher’s look is reminiscent of the Disney villain 

With her black and white look, Cher reminded of a very special lady. Villain Cruella De Vil from the Disney movie "101 Dalmatians". In the real-life version of the classic, Glenn Close played the role of the nasty character.

Glenn Close: Your role as Cruella de Vil is similar to Cher’s look. (Source: imago images / Mary Evans)

If you look at pictures of her, a certain resemblance to Cher cannot be denied. The two-tone hairstyle is reminiscent of Cher’s black and white hat. The jacket in the two colors could also be reminiscent of the Disney look. 

"I can remember zero": Frederic von Anhalt injured in hospital After the grand finale: Are the Bachelorette and Leander still a couple? "Up hui, down?": Cathy Hummels shows bruises on her legs

The 74-year-old singer did not set out with her special look to torture 101 Dalmatian puppies, but instead made her way to the BBC studios. There she gave an interview in the "The One Show".

Sources used: news agency spot on news images from the picture agency Imago Images

Prince Andrew is suspected of having sexually assaulted Virginia Roberts, then 17. The incident is said to have occurred in Ghislaine Maxwell’s apartment. Now new details are known.

418 pages of statements by Ghislaine Maxwell became public on Thursday. They come from an affidavit of the 58-year-old Jeffrey Epstein confidante in 2016. Even then Maxwell should comment on the allegations that Epstein was running an abuse ring in which minors were forced to engage in sexual acts.

Maxwell is currently in custody in the US, but the now published court documents shed new light on the allegations of abuse.