Often they undertake the dangerous journey on small, unsafe rubber dinghies, and people are repeatedly killed.

Often they undertake the dangerous journey on small, unsafe rubber dinghies, and people are repeatedly killed.

Source: ntv.de, jwu / dpa “In the EU budget dispute, Hungary and Poland are sticking to their veto against the rule of law mechanism. (Photo: imago / ZUMA Press) Hungary has been in the pillory for years because of violations of the rule of law in the EU. The Budapest official Demeter – a confidante of Prime Minister Orban – has now expressed himself in a hateful column that is anti-Semitic and anti-democratic, saying that his country is a victim of the “Liberal Aryans”. Hungary and Poland are “the new Jews”. The Hungarian cultural functionary Szilard Demeter has the US investor and philanthropist George Soros accused of having made Europe his “” gas chamber “”. “The poison gas that is fatal to the European way of life is emanating from the barrels of the multi-cultural open society,” “the director wrote of the Budapest Petofi Literature Museum in a comment for the government-affiliated Internet portal “” origo.hu “”, adding that Hungary and Poland are “” the new Jews “”.

Demeter commented on the EU budget dispute, in which Hungary and Poland are vetoing important budget decisions worth EUR 1.8 trillion. In this way, the two East-Central European countries want to prevent a new rule of law mechanism from becoming effective. This threatens countries whose governments intervene in the independence of the judiciary with the withdrawal of EU aid. In the past, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly launched smear campaigns against the Holocaust survivor Soros from Hungary. He is assumed to want to flood Europe with Muslim migrants in order to wipe out the Christian and national identity of the European peoples.

Evidence of this has not been presented. Soros, who got rich with investment speculations, supports civil society actors and fighters for human rights worldwide. Orban’s argumentation also links the rule of law mechanism with the alleged endeavors of the ‘Brussels bureaucrats’ “” financed by Soros, the member countries to take away sovereignty. Hungary and Poland, however, stand in isolation in the EU with this view, and Meter uttered a similar horn in his comment. “The ‘Liberal Aryans’ (Liberals) now want to kick the Hungarians and Poles out of the political community as members of which they have rights,” he continued. “We are the new Jews.” “The literary functionary enjoys the unconditional trust of Orban in matters of cultural policy. The 44-year-old has not only headed the Petöfi Museum since the end of 2018, but also sits with an important voice in numerous committees that decide on the award of subsidies to the literary business and the music industry. Demeter once said of himself that he was a “” fanatical orbanist. “” The Executive Vice-President of the International Auschwitz Committee, Christoph Heubner, condemned the statements. “Not only in Hungary are Holocaust survivors disgusted and appalled by this bizarre and hateful agitation.” dpa “A refugee is taken in by British border forces and brought ashore in Dover. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Great Britain accuses France of not doing enough against refugee boats that pass through the English Channel.https://123helpme.me/biology-essay-writing-service/ The number of migrants on the route has increased this year quadrupled to 8000.

Now an agreement is to prevent the dangerous crossings in the future. The means to do this are varied: Great Britain and France want to curb illegal migration across the English Channel with a stronger police presence and surveillance systems. The British Home Secretary Priti Patel and her French colleague Gérald Darmanin signed a corresponding agreement. In order to prevent the illegal crossings across the English Channel, strongly condemned by the British government, the agreement states that twice as many police officers will be deployed on the coast on the French side as before – but how many there will be initially remained unclear. In addition, drones, radar systems and other surveillance techniques are to be used in ports and coastal regions.

This year, according to statistics from the British news agency PA, more than 8,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel to reach the UK. Often they undertake the dangerous journey on small, unsafe rubber dinghies, and people are repeatedly killed. The number of people arriving has risen significantly – according to PA, only just under 2000 migrants crossed the English Channel in 2019.

The conservative hardliner Patel wants to significantly tighten the rules for legal migration to Great Britain in the future. The Detention Action charity sharply criticized the action. The organization’s director, Bella Sankey, said there was an urgent need to create safe and legal routes for migration to take place. It was not until late October that a boat with an alleged 20 refugees on board sank while crossing to the UK. Four people, including two children, drowned and others went missing. In 2019, a total of four people died on the dangerous and busy English Channel route, this year the number has risen to seven, with Britain accusing France of not doing enough to stop the crossings.

In September, the French authorities reported that they had stopped over 1,300 migrants trying to cross the English Channel. A handful of them tried to swim the 30 kilometers. Source: ntv.de, mau / dpa “Their style is definitely different: Markus Lanz (left) and Thomas Gottschalk. (Photo: imago stockpeople) Moderated for over 20 years Thomas Gottschalk “” Wetten, dass …? “”. But Samuel Koch’s accident on the show ended his career before his successor Markus Lanz bears the show completely to his grave he thought, says Gottschalk and gives the reason for it. With the accident of the betting candidate Samuel Koch, who has been in a wheelchair since then, “” Wetten, dass …? “” an era ended.

Ultimately, the tragedy marked the point at which Thomas Gottschalk saw no future in the format for himself after a total of more than 20 years as the presenter of the ZDF show. But for the show itself there was initially no death bell. It was too difficult to say goodbye to the entertainment steamer that had made television history for decades. Markus Lanz was supposed to get the coals out of the fire again and “” Wetten, dass …? “” Give it a new shine.

The result is known. Lanz failed all along the line. After 16 at times highly embarrassing expenses, “” Wetten, dass …? “” 2014 was discontinued once and for all. To follow suit is in itself not a good style.

And Gottschalk, too, has kept a low profile in the past when it comes to judging his successor in his parade format. Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and his comrades-in-arms Jakob Lundt and Thomas Schmitt have now managed to elicit a few words about Lanz from the 70-year-old as part of their podcast “Baywatch Berlin” “. And they are quite tough, they fall but not exactly flattering for the colleague. Gottschalk remembers that he had just been to a cure in Austria when Lanz moderated his first “Wetten, dass …?” “Edition. “” And then I thought: It won’t work that way.

I was really desperate, “” he explains. In doing so, however, no feeling of malicious pleasure crept into him, following the motto: “” Look, he fucks it up. “” Rather, the cardinal error of his successor caught his eye. “” Markus Lanz is a great looking nerd who wants to do everything right. If a candidate came to my place and said, ‘I can do 100 pushups’, I would say, “” I can do one and it looks like shit. But I do it now.

Markus said: ‘I’ll get 89’ “”, analyzes Gottschalk aptly. Lanz wanted to be better than the candidates themselves, according to Tommy’s observation. “” I, even if I had been better, would have been more stupid – for the sake of the show. And I have to claim that for myself. I’ve always performed for my audience, “” he explains, adding: “” Everything we do is dispensable. It’s about nothing. The main thing is that people have fun. “” By the way, Gottschalk had little fun with his own programs, at least when it came to watching them. “” I can’t see it, “he says.

On earlier repetitions of “” Wetten, dass …? “”, For example, he regularly failed. “” I have never – quite honestly – seen a single television program of mine. I always got out after 30 seconds, after 90 seconds, whatever, “” asserts Gottschalk, but at the same time admits: “” I was forced to see my films, which was also a great achievement. “” Source: ntv. de, vpr “The mink carcasses were hastily covered with a thin layer of lime. (Photo: via REUTERS) After the occurrence of a mutated coronavirus, Denmark culls millions of mink. They are hastily buried on a military site.

But apparently not deep enough: putrefactive gases are driving the carcasses back to the surface. Millions of minks in Denmark were hastily culled because they potentially carried a mutated coronavirus. But now some of them have unexpectedly reappeared: In a makeshift mass grave for the fur animals on a military site, the carcasses were driven back to the surface due to putrefaction gases, as pictures on the public television broadcaster DR show. According to the police in the western Danish town of Holstebro, the culled minks are only covered with a thin layer of sand and lime.

One internet user already spoke ironically of the “” year of the mutated zombie mink “”. The broadcaster DR accused the Danish Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of not burying the carcasses deep enough. The Ministry, however, spoke of a “” temporary problem “” related to the decomposition process of the animals. The area is now checked day and night and found carcasses are covered again with earth. The Danish government ordered the culling of up to 17 million mink in the country at the beginning of November after a mutated form of Sars-CoV-2 that could be transmitted to humans was discovered on some breeding farms in northern Jutland.

There was therefore a risk that the mutation “” Cluster 5 “” could render future vaccinations ineffective. The government now assumes that “” Cluster 5 “” could be “” eradicated “” again. In the meantime, mutated corona viruses have also been detected on mink farms in other countries. On Tuesday, eight animals were identified with the virus in the Polish Pomeranian voivodeship.

Cases became known on Sunday in a company around 100 kilometers from Paris. Source: ntv.de, jog / AFP “Tyson (l.) Vs. Jones – duel of the boxing grandpas. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports) The 54-year-old Mike Tyson versus 51-year-old Roy Jones junior: The fight between the aged boxing heroes had been announced as tough sparring, but in the end the jury’s verdict was Solomonic. The boxing duel between 54-year-old Mike Tyson and Roy, who was three years younger Jones Jr. was without a winner. After eight rounds of two minutes in the empty Staples Center in Los Angeles, a three-member jury put together by the WBC boxing association ruled the fight as a tie. The unofficial fight, announced as a tough sparring, was won by the two former heavyweight world champions and boxing legends, Tyson in particular looked fit and aggressive 15 years after his last appearance in the ring and scored more hits from the start than Jones junior, who was active until three years ago v fought. As announced in advance, there was no precipitation.

The duel between the two boxing legends, which was actually supposed to come about in the early 2000s, was embedded in a show evening in which, for example, YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out former basketball professional Nate Robinson beat and musicians like Snoop Dogg, Saint Jhn, Wiz Khalifa and Ne-Yo performed. Source: ntv.de, mli / dpa “With an annual income of over half a million euros, a simple piggy bank is probably not enough. (Photo: AP) It sounds strange: The Hong Kong head of government gets her lavish salary paid in cash. Because of US sanctions, Carrie Lam’s assets have been frozen until further notice. This not only creates compassion on social networks. Hong Kong’s head of government Carrie Lam has because of the The US no longer sanctions her bank account, so she keeps her cash at home. She has “” tons of cash “” in the house, Lam said in an interview with TV broadcaster HKIBC.

The head of government of the financial metropolis, along with 14 other high-ranking city officials, had been the target of US measures after Beijing passed a so-called security law for the special administrative region at the end of June. With Washington’s move, the US assets of the 15 officials were frozen, and all financial transactions in the US are considered a criminal offense. According to Lam now “” uses cash for all things “” every day. “In front of you is a head of government from the Hong Kong SAR with no banking service,” said Lam. Her salary is paid out in cash. With an annual income of 5.21 million Hong Kong dollars (just under 562,000 euros), Lam is one of the highest-paid politicians in the world.

Lam’s remarks sparked malicious reactions in online networks: users posted photos of coins in their piggy banks at home to create a contrast to Lam’s wealth. Others asked how their high salary in cash would be transported to their place of residence. Source: ntv.de, mdi / AFP “Dublin in lockdown. From next week more life will return here. (Photo: imago images / Xinhua) The French are getting more freedom in their leisure time. Many previously closed shops are also allowed under certain conditions to open.

Ireland goes one step further and is reopening restaurants to diners. Italy and Belgium are comparatively reluctant to relax, and in several European countries, in which particularly strict corona restrictions have been in place for weeks, people are now coming. In view of the falling number of infections, France is defusing its measures from this Saturday.

Then even non-essential businesses are allowed to open their doors again – but only under certain conditions.