Even the most absurd alternative facts (vulgo: lies) rush past

Even the most absurd alternative facts (vulgo: lies) rush past

In front of 20,000 supporters: US President Donald Trump has officially started his election campaign for re-election in 2020. (Source: Reuters)

Election campaign: This is the time of the year when the promises get bigger and the abuse gets louder. The time when politics revolves around emotions even more than usual and facts above all serve as a quarry. Well then: at a jam-packed kick-off event in Florida, US President Donald J. Trump started the election campaign for his second term a few hours ago – officially. Our correspondent Fabian Reinbold was there and reported for you. Unofficially, Trump started his campaign on February 18, 2017, also in Florida, also in front of thousands of supporters. He had only been in office for 29 days. Since then, one mega MAGA event has followed the next. It almost seemed like an escape from the dull government business.

It can therefore hardly get louder than loud in the so-called political discourse of the United States, which only knows one topic: Trump. Trump and the wave of refugees from Central America! Trump and the Wall! Trump and the locked away refugee children! Trump and Kim Jong Un! Trump and the trade war with China! Trump and the radical right-wing terror in Charlottesville! Trump and Iran! Trump and so on! There is a method to this: only one person is always in the spotlight.

There have been so many scandals during his tenure that under normal circumstances they would have been enough for a dozen resignations. But the machinery of excitement that this president cleverly keeps rotating with his Twitter storm has turned after every scandal before it has even been understood. Suddenly Trump announces devastating punitive tariffs against Mexico, then surprisingly stands there with a deal as a beaming winner, followed by the revelation that everything was just show and the allegedly sensational agreement was long before that. Actually a huge excitement, barely more than a week ago – and almost forgotten. In the days of this president, life is not a long, calm river, but a thundering waterfall.

Trump supporters. (Source: imago images)

The US media, the opposition and even Trump’s Republicans are only panting after the breathless news staccato from the White House. Attention, especially for more than a moment, is a scarce commodity. Even the most absurd “alternative facts” (vulgo: lies) rush past. The gifted political salesman, the master of simple language, is undisputed in his element.

So we have booming days ahead of us in this long American election campaign that has actually never stopped. Okay, it’s a little quieter with the Democrats: They’re still pondering how they can finally steal the show from the loudspeaker. But you can hardly get a clear thought with the noise from the stage.


Pro-Russian separatist at the crash site of Flight MH17. (Source: Maxim Zmeyev / Reuters)

Five years ago, a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine. 298 people died. Researchers found that alleged separatists had fired a Russian anti-aircraft missile at the passenger plane. But some questions remained open. Today the international team of investigators wants to submit its research into the shooting down of flight MH17 – and apparently also name the perpetrators.


Hyperloop system from the Technical University of Munich. (Source: imago images)

When we drive from Munich to Hamburg these days, we have to squeeze through jam-packed trains, overcrowded motorways or narrow aircraft cabins. In the future it will be completely different: Then we sit in a capsule and hiss through a vacuum tube to our destination at almost the speed of sound. Futuristic nonsense? No. It could actually happen at some point, thanks to technology from Munich: Students at the Technical University are developing the Hyperloop, the high-speed traffic system of the future.123helpme.me Today they present the latest state of their technology. I can not wait any longer.



Margrethe Vestager. (Source: Francois Lenoir / Reuters)

Manfred Weber wants to become head of the EU Commission – but his chances are dwindling. Not only French President Macron but also many EU parliamentarians consider the CSU man to be a lightweight. Instead, the name of the Danish Margrethe Vestager is mentioned more and more often. She brings everything that is needed for the office: government experience, assertiveness and not afraid to stand up to America, China and global corporations. How does the woman tick? The colleagues from the Swiss magazine “Republik” have portrayed “Margrethe the Great”.


How do local politicians react to the murder of Walter Lübcke? “The murder case scares us very much,” says the former mayor of Tröglitz in Saxony-Anhalt, where there was an arson attack on a refugee accommodation four years ago – and adds: “It would be important to wake up quickly among the ranks of the conservative politicians who Demand more ‘understanding of law’. Because with that you open the door to the robbers! The right know no borders. They have long been on the advance in all areas of society and are still paved the way. ”Read more in the“ Mitteldeutsche Zeitung ”.


If you don’t hang around on social media every day, you might think that hatred and violence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are not such a big problem. Then you should just take a quick look at the examples that ARD journalist Patrick Gensing has collected.



So far I was absolutely convinced: The best ice cream parlor in Germany is on Eugensplatz in Stuttgart. In fact, I had to be converted by our esteemed readers: It is in more than 1,100 places!

Wherever you take your lunch break today, you’ve earned three cool balls. With cream! I wish you well received


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The dispute over the US budget has reached its climax: US President Donald Trump has signed the declaration of emergency to get the money for the border wall.

US President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to finance the wall on the border with Mexico. He signed a corresponding declaration in Washington on Friday, the White House announced. With the declaration of emergency, Trump wants to get the funding for the construction of the wall that Congress has denied him.

Hard political and legal disputes are to be expected over the declaration. Trump himself expressed the expectation that the dispute will ultimately land in the country’s Supreme Court. “Hopefully we’ll get a fair chance and win in the Supreme Court,” he said in a speech in the White House shortly before the declaration of emergency was signed.

Trump spoke of an invasion that the US was exposed to. White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney said the money guarantees that “we can do what we want to do”. This initially means the construction of 234 miles of border fortifications.

Criticism of the representation of Trump

The US president has justified the alleged need to build the wall for months with an intolerable situation at the border. The border guards had to deal with tens of thousands of illegal border crossings. Many of the migrants from Latin American countries are criminals who are active in drug or human trafficking.

Critics counter Trump that a large part of border crime happens at border crossings and not where the wall is planned. Most recently, the former head of the US border guard, Gil Kerlikowske, rejected Trump’s presentation and conclusion. “The wall is nothing that we border guards would have ever asked for,” said Kerlikowske in an interview with t-online.de. Democrats say Trump’s scenario of a national crisis is artificially conjured up.

For Trump, the national emergency is the last resort to push through the building of the wall he promised in the election campaign. In parliamentary terms, he had failed with the project, although he had accepted the longest government standstill in US history at 35 days. The Democrats had already announced that they would take legal action against Trump’s measure.

No further “shutdown”: Trump signs law for a budget 

“The President keeps his promise to build the wall, protect the border and secure our great country,” said his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders earlier in Washington. Trump has also signed the budget bill passed by a large majority of Republicans and Democrats in both chambers of congress, thus preventing a new government stalemate, the “shutdown”.

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The budget law provides significantly less money to build a border wall than the president requires. Congress had approved Trump only $ 1.375 billion to build a border barrier, but Trump recently asked for $ 5.7 billion to build the wall, more than four times as much. Therefore he wants to reallocate money from other pots with the highly controversial means of the emergency declaration. 

According to the White House, the bulk of the money (over six billion dollars) will come from the Department of Defense, where funds have been made available for construction work and drug control. In addition, income from seizures by the Ministry of Finance should be used.

Opinion: The state of emergency is Trump’s last resort President takes it seriously: Will Trump get his wall through the state of emergency? Interview: Ex-boss of the border guard takes Trump’s wall plans apart Comment: Trump is about much more than just the wall

The Democrats strictly reject his prestigious project: on Thursday evening they threatened to file a lawsuit against a declaration of emergency by the president, whom they accuse of “serious abuse of power”. But the Republican is also putting his own party to the test with the project – with an uncertain outcome.

Sources used: news agencies AFP, dpa

If Donald Trump is re-elected, the United States may leave NATO. This is what his former security advisor, John Bolton, assumes. He also talks about the role of the Chancellor – and sees the Western world at a crossroads.

Four years of President Trump – his term in office in pictures

Photo series with 19 pictures

Former security advisor to US President Donald Trump, John Bolton, believes Washington may leave NATO if Trump is re-elected. “Only a handful of Republicans would like a withdrawal from NATO. But if he (Trump) wins re-election, then these barriers could be removed,” Bolton told the Handelsblatt on Monday. “Who knows what he would do in a second term?”

Bolton advised Europeans that if Trump won the election on November 3, most of their diplomacy should go through Congress. “The House of Representatives and the Senate can oppose the president,” he said. “Should there be a withdrawal from NATO or another significant troop withdrawal from Europe, there could be strong resistance from both the Democrats and the Republicans. Therefore, the Europeans are better advised to turn to Congress.”

US election: Biden is ahead – so far

In the polls, Trump is currently clearly behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden. But that doesn’t mean anything for Bolton. “You should never underestimate the Democratic Party’s ability to screw up an election,” he said. Biden must stand in three TV debates against Trump, and there are still almost 100 days until the election. “It’s an eternity in American politics.”

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