Be careful in the garden: are tulips poisonous or not?

Be careful in the garden: are tulips poisonous or not?

A supermarket is usually close by

Lars Hofacker from the EHI Retail Institute says that online food retailing in Germany had a hard time before the pandemic. One of the reasons for this is that the way to the next supermarket in Germany is never really far. In addition, Germans are quite price-conscious and therefore shy away from additional delivery costs. However, these were mostly omitted from a certain order amount. In addition, the products in the store and online usually cost the same.

One reason to shop online is the desire to save time, says Hofacker. But: “Some people want to have seen the fruit and vegetables before they buy it.” On the other hand, the tomatoes that are delivered would have taken fewer people into their hands than in the shop around the corner.

Buying groceries online is an option for all those who cannot or do not want to carry it that hard, are not very good on foot, do not have a car or simply have no time, says Ina Bockholt from the Stiftung Warentest Foundation. “If you live upstairs in an apartment building and need a large amount of food and drinks, you can have your shopping delivered to your doorstep.

Cold chain often problematic in the test

In the last test of grocery delivery services, two years ago, none of the services performed consistently well, says Bockholt. The cooling of the products has proven to be problematic. “At least at that time the cold chain was a problem. Half of the products that had to be refrigerated were overheated, and some were almost at room temperature.”

The packaging presented an additional problem in the test, says Bockholt. “The amount of rubbish in online grocery stores is significantly higher than in normal shopping, simply because all groceries have to be individually packaged correctly for delivery.”

Fragile, fresh or frozen items in particular need to be strongly protected, especially during parcel delivery, so that the goods are not damaged or are not overheated. “That is of course bad for the environment, and you have to dispose of a lot of rubbish yourself,” says Bockholt.

Having your own delivery fleet is an advantage

The problems with packaging waste, delivery times and the cold chain are of course less pronounced for providers with their own fleet. EHI expert Hofacker even emphasizes that these can bring fresh and especially frozen products to their destination better than consumers who go to the supermarket themselves.

“They can sometimes deliver ice cream and other chilled goods better than you can in your own car because they have better cooling options,” says Hofacker. In addition, you always book a suitable delivery window with these providers, so that ideally you are at home and can receive the goods directly.

On New Year’s Eve, the shops in Saxony will most likely close at 2 p.m. The Committee for Economics, Labor and Transport of the Saxon State Parliament cleared the way for a corresponding bill on Friday, said the Ministry of Economics. The state parliament will decide on this in November.

The regulation benefits the employees in the retail trade, explained Labor Minister Martin Dulig (SPD). It was initiated together with many works councils, and in times of high stress it will relieve the workforce at the end of the year. The limitation of shop opening ensures that employees have time to relax, time for their families and is “a form of appreciation, since these employees in particular were particularly challenged in the current Corona year.”

So far, the general shop opening hours have given retailers the opportunity to open until 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. The draft law limits this to 2 p.m. on December 31. Sales points at airfields and passenger stations may be open until 5 p.m. The two international airports Dresden and Leipzig can continue to open their shops all day.

A drunk shoplifter got stuck in Uelzen between a billboard and the wall of a supermarket. The fire brigade freed the 22-year-old. The young man wanted to leave the market through a toilet window on Friday evening, the police said on Sunday. The alarm went off. A security officer and police officers found the young man.

According to initial findings, the 22-year-old fell asleep on the market’s toilet and woke up after the store closed. While touring the market, he stole a porter of canned beer. With this he climbed through the window. There was a large advertising display right in front of the window. Since the 22-year-old misjudged his body, he got stuck, the police said.

A stranger threatened two cashiers in a supermarket in Naumburg (Burgenlandkreis) with a gun and a knife. As the police announced on Tuesday, the man entered the branch shortly before the shop closed on Monday and asked the two cashiers to hand over cash. The two women then handed him four-digit cash. After the attack, the man fled. The two employees of the shop were uninjured in the attack. The police have now started investigations against the stranger.

Two masked men raided a supermarket in Paderborn. On Wednesday evening, shortly before the shop closed, the two strangers entered the supermarket, threatened a cashier with a gun and demanded money, the police announced on Thursday morning. The alleged perpetrators deposited the bills and coins in a bag or backpack and fled. The cashier was not injured. One of the perpetrators wore a dark, patterned face mask and a winter hat for masking, the other had pulled a dark knitted hat with slit eyes over his face. The investigation continued.

A robbery by two men in Bochum failed at a striking till. The masked duo had entered the store shortly before closing time with a gun drawn and demanded cash, the police said on Wednesday. However, the two employees from the checkout area did not manage to open the cash box. Thereupon the prevented robbers gave up and moved away. The police have released a description of the men and are hoping for witnesses.

The police are looking for a supermarket robber who may have attacked several shops in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The investigators published recordings of a robbery in a supermarket in Merseburg on Thursday a week earlier. At closing time, the perpetrator threatened a saleswoman, armed with a knife, who complied with his request and gave cash from the till, it was said.

The man has been described as about 40 to 45 years old and about 1.70 to 1.75 meters tall. He spoke German with a Russian accent and wore a blonde wig and a brown hat. The police are asking for information about the man.

The district court of Halle (Saale) ordered the publication of images from the surveillance camera for public search. Among other things, there are parallels to an attack on a supermarket in Wettin-Löbejün on the evening of October 1, it said.

Are you a fan of Christmas roses? Then maybe you should also plant spring roses. They belong to the same genus as the Christmas roses, but offer a much wider range of colors. Here you will find tips on the location and care of the early bloomers.

These plants love spring and summer

Photo series with 10 pictures

The right location for spring roses

If you plant spring roses, you should choose a sunny to partially shaded spot in your garden. The early bloomers also tolerate shade, but fewer flowers will then form. The soil should be humic and contain clay – but only enough so that no waterlogging can form at the site, which would damage the plant.

Tip: Lenten roses develop vigorously over the years, so that there should be enough space at the site for them to spread.

Planting spring roses: the right time

In addition to the right location, the time of planting is also crucial for spring roses to thrive. Plant the early bloomers between late autumn and late spring, as with this type of plant the roots grow mainly in the winter months. In the summer, on the other hand, it is in a kind of dormant period, so it would not grow well.

Caring for spring roses: tips

When planting spring roses, you don’t need to worry too much about care. If the early bloomers are in the right place in the garden, they prefer to be left alone.

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The occasional addition of compost or mineral fertilizer, however, promotes the growth of the spring roses. It is often enough to leave the autumn leaves on the bed so that new nutrients enter the soil naturally. Towards the end of winter, you can cut off the old leaves of the spring rose near the ground.

French tulips are the crème de la crème of the lily family. Here you can find out what makes the elegant early bloomers so special and what their admirers appreciate about the tall lady.

These plants love spring and summer

Photo series with 10 pictures

French tulips: expensive and extravagant

French tulips enjoy an excellent reputation among the early bloomers: The tall lily plants are particularly extravagant and noble, which is reflected not least in their high price. The cut flowers available in stores are often grown in the south of France – but there are also French tulips that are grown in the Netherlands.

The varieties Flaming Parrot and Maureen are particularly well known. The latter is considered the queen of the French tulips. However, the expensive early bloomers are not subject to any labeling requirements. If you want to be sure that tulips are actually French, see a trusted professional florist.

This is what distinguishes French tulips

French tulips are characterized by particularly long stems that continue to grow in the vase. Depending on the variety, they can reach a length of up to 90 centimeters. Delicate, elongated calyxes in different nuances are enthroned on the supple stems. French tulips are particularly long-lived cut flowers and go through different stages of development.

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Lovers enjoy watching the early bloomers grow and watching the lily plants wind their way up. Even with wilting, the French woman should cut a fine figure – according to tulip lovers, this is worth seeing in every respect.

The security service of the substation in the Schleifer district of Rohne (Görlitz district) thwarted the theft of half a kilometer of power cable on Saturday night. The employees called by the triggered alarm found around 500 meters of cable, cut into pieces and valued at an estimated 20,000 euros, which were ready for removal, as the police in Görlitz announced on Sunday. The perpetrator had initially escaped, but was discovered during a search in the area. A helicopter with a thermal imaging camera led the officers to the 36-year-old who was hiding behind a tree. The man was arrested.

If you want to plant lilies of the valley, you can use it to bring pretty, uncomplicated bluebells into the garden. If they are planted in the right location, they hardly need any care.

These plants love spring and summer

Photo series with 10 pictures

The right location for lilies of the valley

If you plant lilies of the valley, you will find a suitable location even in dark gardens. The bluebells also thrive in a shady or partially shaded spot. They can also tolerate the sun, but the leaves can then fade and no longer show the rich green that is actually typical for them. A location under trees or bushes is good for the early bloomers.

Lilies of the valley have no special demands on the earth. Tip: Choose a location that is free all around so that the plants can spread out. You only need to plant lilies of the valley once and then you can be confident that they will reproduce by themselves.

Caring for lilies of the valley: know how

When planting new lilies of the valley, you should water them regularly for the first few weeks. After flowering, it is advisable to remove the inflorescences. You don’t need any fertilizer to care for the bluebells. It is advisable, however, to provide the plants with foliage soil or compost in autumn.

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Lily of the valley therefore also tolerate it well if leaves and branches or other parts of plants are allowed to rot in their surroundings. Special winter protection is not necessary – the ideal plant for anyone who does not want to spend too much time looking after their garden.

After the theaters in Western Pomerania and Rostock, the Mecklenburg State Theater in Schwerin also uses the exemption granted by the state for the performance of Christmas fairy tales in front of schoolchildren. As the State Theater announced on Wednesday, the premiere curtain for “The Neverending Story”, based on the children’s book by Michael Ende, will rise on December 10th in Schwerin. The play is expected to be performed on seven days of playing at 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. in the Großer Haus until December 18th. / P